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To learn more about Unity Gospel Choir! Unity Gospel Choir is under the direction of Debra Bonner. It's a part of United Voices International, a program to help individuals around the world discover their true voice and to produce a healthy, bright and promising future, so they can make a positive difference in their own communities.

United Voices International
OneVoice International Gospel Choir

Unity Gospel Choir is a traveling performance group whose main purpose is to bring souls unto Christ. The choir consists of about 40 members focused on this one purpose. The gospel music they sing is heartfelt, bringing audiences to their feet, clapping, stomping and swaying to the "joyful noise." Unity Gospel Choir performs at church…

About DebraBonner

About Debra Bonner Debra Bonner found school difficult until her best friend introduced her to Jesus Christ at the age of thirteen. Debra embraced her worship services and learned to read by singing from the 
hymnal. Her life totally changed as her mind expanded in knowledge and understanding through the Spirit. Her pastor,…

OneVoice Sponsors

Why Donate to Unity Gospel Choir? Unity Gospel Choir, as part of United Voices International, is a program of EquityServe, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation. As a non-profit, Unity Gospel Choir is traveling the world to spread the light of Christ through uplifting Gospel Music! Your donation enables the choir to travel further, reach…

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