Unity Gospel Choir

Unity Gospel ChoirUnity Gospel Choir is a traveling performance group whose main purpose is to bring souls unto Christ. The choir consists of about 40 members focused on this one purpose.

The gospel music they sing is heartfelt, bringing audiences to their feet, clapping, stomping and swaying to the "joyful noise."

Unity Gospel Choir performs at church meetings, community functions and other social events. They will be performing nationally and internationally, spreading Christ's love.

But please, if you love what we're doing and you'd like to help this choir spread Christ's love worldwide, please make a donation at the link below. Your donation will help us complete our Charity Album and touch more lives than we can now reach in person. Enjoy the following excerpt for a preview of this original single recording.

Charity by Unity Gospel Choir

Download "Charity" now by clicking here.

Under the direct instruction of Debra Bonner, Unity Gospel Choir sings gospel favorites, as well as original pieces written specifically for the choir. They are also in the process of recording and releasing their own albums, the proceeds of which will be use to further the efforts of this not-for-profit endeavor.

Their first single, Charity, was written for the 2016 BYU Women's Conference and the complete song is available for download for only $1.29 (View all available downloads here).

As new and inspiring gospel songs are recorded and performed, the choir hopes to connect with and uplift those who are seeking to make a change, uniting youth and communities across the nation who have the desire to make a difference right where they live.

As a non-profit, Unity Gospel Choir is appreciative of all donations. If you'd like to make a donation please do so by clicking the link above. If you'd like to audition for the choir or book the choir for a performance, please complete the following contact form and a representative from the choir will reach out to you at their earliest convenience.



Your donation will help us complete our album, perform at more events and touch more lives!


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